Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Continuous Broccoli

Sprouting broccoli- a very useful variety. I bought one punnet, we’ve eaten several times the value of the seedlings already and they’re still going strong. Initially the plant forms a large head, then follows up with multiple small heads like broccolini. The trick is that you need to keep picking the heads without letting them flower, and feed the plants well or they go tough and bitter. Our male bunny escaped one night and sampled two of the plants before we caught him, so I suppose it’s appropriate that we use the bunny manure as our pelletized fertilizer. The spiky grey leaves behind are self seeded poppies-Peony and a single purple type. The Iceland poppy in the foreground is from a bought punnet, but I keep hoping they’ll establish as self seeders too. I pull out the poppies if they get too invasive, otherwise I leave them to add colour and collect the seed for baking. It’s smaller seeds than the bought poppyseed but just as yummy.

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