Friday, January 20, 2012

Busy Days

Have been absent from blogging for a while. Life's been a bit too "interesting".

Just over a year ago our garden looked like this when the creek behind our place reached the highest level it's got to in over 100 years. Possibly the most water to come downstream since white settlement.
Didn't do our carpets much good but gave the garden and the local wildlife a good boost. For the first time in 10 years I've been finding green frogs in our garden, and the more common pobblebonk frogs and brown frogs have been breeding too.

So now I'm getting stuck into the garden with a vengeance! Have set myself a project of using up a lot of seed that's been sitting longer than it should have, renovating neglected beds and creating new beds. My latest is a batch of 30 besser blocks bought for renovation work that I've temporarily diverted to grow soup beans (French Flagelot, borlotti, lima, red kidney, black eyed). Have marked my calendar with a countdown to the likely first frost date (late April usually) so I figure I've got about 14 weeks to get them grown and harvested. They should just make it.

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