Wednesday, February 1, 2012


This is my Yacon plant. It's a South American vegetable related to Jerusalem Artichokes. It's meant to grow to 2m tall with a spread of 2m. As you can see from this photo, mine is "sulking" :( But then my pumpkin and zucchini etc. were also sulking until recently and have only over the last few weeks started flowering and putting on some growth, so maybe it's still going to take off for me. I'm looking forward to trying the roots, which have been described as crispy and sweet like carrot or apples.
The bottle behind it is my watering system. I've punched holes in the base and buried it about 1/3 into the compost/soil that the yacon's growing in, so that I can fill it up with the hose and have the water come out at the roots.
I'm on frost countdown- we usually get a "killing" frost about the end of April, and maybe some mild 0-1 degree frosts a bit earlier. So anything in the open ground needs to mature before then. Thus, despite the current hot weather, it's time to get moving planting crops for winter.

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  1. Hi Sandra, I have a Question in regards to your Yellow Plums, is the Tree covered in Thorns? I have one that I believe I got from an Asian Market and I planted and it grew. Originally I thought it was a Leachi (sp?) tree, but it finally produced a Yellow soft Fruit like a Plum on it. It has thorns on it too.